NMN サウザンドデイズブルーイングブラックダイアモンドエンザイム

NMN Thousand Days Brewing Black Diamond Enzyme


NMN Thousand Days Brewing Black Diamond Enzyme contains 135kinds of vegetable and fruit essences, Qianri Niang is naturally fermented, and the formula contains the key factor of NMN, which can reverse aging and anti-aging, regulate body functions, and maintain a youthful state. Combined with patented red grape leaves, 12kinds of berry polyphenols and catechins, it has a strong anti-oxidation function, and the black diamond enzyme formed by carefully selecting more than 100 kinds of Japanese plants through a thousand-day brewing process is used to protect the body. Makes you feeling light and clean from the inside out
This product contains okra extract. 1 capsule per day meets the standard of daily sennoside content below 12 mg
This product is a mixture of Ganoderma mycelium and fruiting body
This product contains soybean, black bean, apricot kernel, chestnut, barley, black sesame, white sesame, walnut.